Higher Education Discovery

2017-02-14 11:19:08

Dear Sir/Madam,

I  am  addressing this letter to you on behalf of the Accreditation in Education  Publishing  House  occupying  the  leading positions in the information  and  communication  area of the professional community in Russia.

Supporting   integration  processes  in  the  education  area  we  are implementing  a  novel  project - the HED (Higher Education Discovery) that will network thousands of international universities.

The  HED  is  an  electronic  journal  that will be disseminated among international departments of universities in 80 countries.

Reading the Higher Education Discovery you will be able to find:

  • associates  abroad  for  collaboration  projects  in  research  and education;
  • programs for academic exchanges;
  • foreign  educators and researchers interested in contacts with your academia.

Publishing  the  information about your educational institution in the Higher Education Discovery will enable the broad professional audience to learn about:

  • novel promising research and educational projects of your university to search for potential partners abroad;
  • achievements and best practices of your organization in the area of research and education internationalization.

We  would  be  glad  to  forward  the  HED  Journal to this electronic address, or advise us an alternative e-mail.


Download here (pdf): Higher Education Discovery_en



Andrey Shumelev,

Project Coordinator
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