As of 2013-2014 academic year university's three teaching buildings fully meets training facility requirements/space, lighting, heat, humidity etc. / and hygiene, infection control.

The School's building-1 is 1,600-m2 two-storey classroom building; teaching building-2 is four- storey, 1800 m2 with a total 682 seats and 8 restrooms.

Since 2015 AMU offers its students and staffs fitness club, table tennis, buffet, students cafeteria, teaching specialists break room, fully equipped gym, including male and female locker rooms and showers.

In addition, the AMU is aiming to own university's training hospital in near future and in 2013-2014, academic year signed an agreement of collaboration with Seoul Medical University, Korea.

The dormitory is five-storey building with capacity of 190 persons, 1,700 m2.




1.         Morphology Laboratory

2.         Genetic Laboratory

3.         Chemical Laboratory

4.         Microbiology Laboratory

5.         Nursing Laboratory

6.         Ophthalmology Laboratory in “Orbita” eye clinic

7.         Otorhinolaryngology Laboratory in “EMJJ” clinic

8.         Information Technology and Internet Laboratory

9.         Dentistry Laboratory





“Ach” Medical University yearly signs a contract of collaboration with a number of hospitals and clinics of UB and offers its students appropriate training facilities.

•           First level hospitals: The First Central Hospital, The State Second Central Hospital, The State Third Central Hospital, National Cancer Center, National Center of Inflectional Diseases, Railway Hospital, First Maternity Hospital, Second Maternity Hospital.

•           Secondary level hospitals: Sukhbaatar District Health Unit, Songino-Khairkhan District Health Unit, Bayanzurkh District Health Unit,

•           Tertiary level hospitals: All family health units of Ulaanbaatar city.

•           Private clinics: "Arono" dental clinic, "EMJJ" otorhinolaryngology clinic, "Orbita" eye clinic, "Mondent" dental clinic, "Enereldent" dental clinic.



  • The First Central Hospital,
  • "Achtan" elite  hospital,
  • National Center for Maternal and Child Health of Mongolia
  • The State Third Central Hospital
  • National Cancer Center,
  •  Railway Hospital,
  • First Maternity Hospital
  • "Arono" dental clinic,
  • "EMJJ" otorhinolaryngology clinic,


Peace Avenue-11, Songino-Khairkhan district-18,

Ulaanbaatar 18080, Mongolia. P.O.B-37/503

Tel: 77119933, 70172358 /Fax: (976) 70172358

E-mail: [email protected]

Web: www.ach.edu.mn