Research Units

The AMU research unit is aiming to promote teaching specialists and students and provide with required research facilities; transfer of AMU’s innovations for the benefit of the university study process.


To be a world-class institution of excellence in research, professional training and competitive evidence-based health care services.


To promote and maintain excellence in research activity and graduate education for individual students, who meets social demands with proper skills and attitudes to contribute in development of Mongolians.

In accordance with the university's vision and mission, our master plan is focused on:

  1. To improve the training quality;
  2. To promote the research quality and its results;
  3. To expand and improve the quality of health care services;
  4. To improve individuals sustainable development and competitiveness;
  5. To improve human resource management capabilities;
  6. To promote internal and external partners collaboration

Since the AMU was founded, the number of leading professors and scientists achieved notable results within certain research project. A total of seven research projects were undertaken by our specialists and eight joint project results applied in health care sector. In the last five years university's scholars and researchers obtained more than 20 patents for   discoveries or inventions. In addition, our faculties published numerous articles research results, reports and number of books, textbooks in the past few years.