ACH Medical University was founded in 1998 by prof. Nachin BAASANJAV, People’s Physician of Mongolia, Honored Doctor, Academician and Doctor of Medical Sciences.


The school started with 54 undergraduate students, 3 full-time teachers (G.Namsrainaidan, Associate Professor; B.Batbold, Master of Medicine; G.Jargalsaikhan),  9 part-time teachers (S.Damdinsuren, D.Damdin, A.Gurbadam, Ch.Burmaa, B.Lkhaijav, D.Erdenesambuu, B.Soodoi, J.Shinekhuu, D.Tserenkhand), General Manager G.Dulmaa, Head of Administration Affairs G. Choijamts, PhD, Associate Professor, Administration Manager O.Amartsengel, M.Sc, accountant Yo.Baasankhuu.


Nowadays 3 branch schools of ACH MU prepare medical doctors by 5 specializations. Total number of undergraduate students in 15 departments has reached 1800. We have 100 employees, 81 of them have been performing as full-time teachers.


Since the first graduation of 38 Medical Doctors in 2004, a number of our graduates raised up to 1700. Last statistics says that Bachelor Degree in 4 medical specializations were obtained by 300 graduates just in 2014.

So far, the university celebrated graduation of Medical Doctors 12 times, Bachelors of Dentistry 9 times, Bachelors of Nursing 7 times and Bachelors of Pediatrics 5 times!


In addition, ACH MU runs Graduate and Postgraduate Programs. After accreditation in 2006 and 2011, and following attestation by the Ministry of Education and Science, “Medical Doctor Bachelor Degree Curriculum” was approved and accredited in May, 2015.