International Cooperation

Since 2001 ACH Medical University extensively expanded its international partnership:

  • In 2001, our university signed a Memorandum of Collaboration with Novosibirsk Medical University, Russia, and successfully fulfilled the goal.
  • PhD Degree has been obtained by ACH teacher through cooperation with Tokushima University, Japan. Currently one of our experts is doing his Doctoral program in the same country.
  • Japan funded (Nippon Foundation) project named “Expanding Traditional Medicine’ and a joint project “Treatment of Influenza in Traditional Medicine” have been successfully implemented in three family clinics in Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar.
  • A Preliminary Memorandum of Cooperation between ACH Medical University and Chifeng University of Ulaankhad city (Inner Mongolia, China) was signed in 2009 to organize joint scientific conferences and exchange program for students and teaching staff. Processing new drug project was launched jointly,  as well.
  • Prof. Davaa, personal doctor of 14th Dalai Lama, Director  of the Institute of Astrology Studies & Tibet Hospital named after Dalai Lama (Dharamsala, India) visited our university in January, 2010. Further cooperation in Traditional Medicine field was mutually agreed by both parties.
  • In the scope of joint project between Mongolian Government and Ministry of Health from one side, and Norwegian aid organization “Strengthening the First Aid Services” from other side, ACH Medical University was selected as a joint coordinator and signed an Agreement of Co-operation.
  • Two-year international partnership and joint project with Huddersfield University (Great Britain) enabled us to learn and implement its Nursing Sector’s Program. Also, an exchange program for students has been offered.
  • In 2015 ACH Medical University and WONKWANG Health Sciences University (Korea) started joint Bachelor Degree Program “ Social Health Administration &Management”  based on collaboration project between two universities.
  • On 23th of October, 2015 “Ach” Medical University signed an agreement of collaboration with EULJI University, Korea to facilitate development of health department and student exchange, as well as to strengthen partner’s co-operation.